Halloween Witch Coloring Pages To Print

Halloween Witch Coloring Pages To Print : Witch is a female sorcerer who practices magic. Witch is the being who imagined special powers derived from the devil. In books and cartoons, children saw her, and they know very well that witch is not okay. Witch play many roles in cartoons like in snow white she gave the poisonous apple to Snow White, in many stories. Like that in Halloween, children like to color in witch also. Halloween is the day before all the saints’ day in which young ones play pranks with each other. In prank, they act like witch, ghost, pumpkin, scarecrow, etc. Other people do many scary things on Halloween eve.


Children very well know about the witches, and they used to like coloring in pages related to her. In coloring pages of witches, they can color in the brew by steeping and boiling and fermenting rather than distilling. So they can fill colors in the brew, their tall hat, their ugly scary dresses, their ugly face, and teeth, etc. In this page, she is not making beer, but she is flying with the help of her magic broom with some bats which is also a symbol of evil.

Halloween Witch Coloring Picturescoloring-pages-witch

In this page, she is looking dangerously to us. She is showing her broom also with which many stories are made. Crow is also smiling living with her. So color in this and made this picture scarier.

Halloween Witch Coloring Pages


Two witches are making brew by reading in the book, and both are smiling by thinking about their evil plans that which cause harm, destruction, and misfortune. They are making a brew on the eve of Halloween, and most of the color is filled previously in it. Children who are of 3 or 5 years also can fill colors quickly in it.

Printable Halloween Witch Coloring Sheets


Witches are like the devil that is an evil supernatural being. You can tell your children that most of the bad things are related to black things, and you should help them in coloring. If they choose yellow, orange, green, etc. light colors for witches, then it will not suit them. So you can tell them about it can make their Halloween coloring pages for kids special. If you will give them witch pages, it does not mean that you are just wasting their time, and you should provide them only educational pages. Sometimes you should give those pages for their fun. Otherwise, they will soon get bored by all these Halloween Witch coloring pages. You can also print and enjoy our Halloween Bats Coloring Pages.


In Halloween Witch Coloring pages,  witch is flying very high on her broom. Cat and Bats her friends in this journey but in the picture, the cat is looking very scary. It does not mean that she is not her friend; she is only getting afraid by flying high first time. Witch is looking very scary in this; her teeth are black, and she is looking by opening her big eyes more. Children can pick any page in which they can feel some scary things like witch is making poisonous brew, witch is planning something evil, witch, flying on her magic broom, she is with her friends bats, cats, frog, etc.

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In this page witch is making some drink which poison for others and looking triumphal because of her plans which are soon going to complete, she is looking old and she is making a brew on a carving pot through which brew is not coming out. Pot is also smiling with a face showing happiness, friendliness or optimism with her. So take out your all colors like crayons, pencil colors, sketch pens to be fill in it. These all pages are ready to complete themselves and to look beautiful. Let them explore all Halloween Witch coloring pages ideas this year to increase their skills.